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Parent Toddler’s Program

Proud to offer Agra’s first Parent Toddler Program, the program is designed for 10 months+ infants to embark on their learning journey with their parents.

Format: Thrice a week

Duration: 1.5 hours

Age Eligibility: 10 months+ (child should be able to sit)

Benefits of the Parent Toddler Program:

  • Facilitate a dedicated time for parent and child to bond over multiple activities
  • Help toddler explore and learn through their senses and advance their gross and fine motors skills.
  • Facilitate social interaction for the toddler and promote interpersonal skills.
  • Increases school readiness and reduced separation anxiety
  • Create a support group for parents of similar aged children and learn new parenting techniques

What Next?

A) The school offers a Senior Toddler Program for 18 month+ toddlers, as a bridge program between the Parent toddler and the playgroup program.

B) Parents can continue doing the parent toddler program and join our playgroup program based on child’s age eligibility for new academic sessions.