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Admission Process

Being a top preschool choice, our school receives a high volume of admission requests and are unable to accommodate all admissions. We recommend parents apply in advance as soon as admissions open.

  1. Submit the form: Completed form must be submitted at the front office. Incomplete forms shall not be accepted.
  2. Application Review: Our admission team reviews the forms and may choose to invite the parent-child for a 1-1 interaction during this two week period.
  3. Admission Declaration: Within 2 weeks of submitting the form, our admission team will share their decision. The school all reserves the right to accept or reject applications.
  4. Admission Confirmation: For parents to confirm their child’s admission, a non-refundable, confirmation fee will need to submitted to the school and submit the other requested documents within 5 working days.

To learn more about the school we recommend:

1) Attending an Info Session: An opportunity to interact with the founder and learn about the school’s philosophy and collect the forms. Learn about the upcoming info sessions from the front desk or via our social platforms.

2) Submitting an Enquiry to schedule a 1-1 interaction: You may submit your enquiry by filling a short online form. Our admission team will call to set up a 1-1 interaction either via a phone or in person to share the requested details